Mair Product is a modern mirror manufacturer. Our design is innovative, contemporay and simple. We treated quality as our first priority. Production is set up strictly according to high quality standard. We serve to ensure you get the greatest value.


We provide an excellent and bright image for everyday use, make up or shaving. The products have to be contemporary matching the modern architecture. The quality has to be spotless and long lasting. The prices must be competitive.


Our factory is in Southern China. The sales office is in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is located at the heart of the world's fastest growing economies along with its sophisticated infrastructure, easy accessibility, business-friendly environment and international financial centre. Our law system is bilingual, under Hong Kong Basic Law. Dealing with us is easy, convenience and confident. Our management is well organized, our quality is strict according to ISO9001, our work processes are well documented and our staff are experienced and well trained.


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